UKwired Email / POP3 / Web Based Email services.

UKwired - POP3 and webmail based email accounts.


Why get an UKwired email account?

  • Independence - UKwired provide email addresses that are independent from your ISP - so even if you swap Internet 'access' providers you do not have to change your email address.

  • POP3 & Web Email - unlike many of the other email services we give you access to your email using a standard POP3 mailbox (for use with programs like Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express) and via a web based interface so you can access your mail from anywhere.

  • Large Mailbox - many email services give you very little disk space for your mailbox (often just 2-5Mb) - we offer 40Mb as standard.
  • Anti-SPAM - our webmail interface allows for powerful, user-configurable email filtering.
  • File Attachments - some email services do not allow or greatly limit the size of attachments you can receive (often only 1-2Mb) - we allow large file attachments up to a huge 10Mb.
  • Fast & Simple - our web based interface contains NO banner adverts and NO pop-ups - it's clean, fast and simple to use to give you quick access to your email but it also has many advanced features.
  • Reliable - we have been providing email services for over 5 years, we only use hardware and software from the best suppliers (Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard etc.) and we have 3 backup mail exchanges distributed across diverse networks in both the UK and USA.
  • Money Back Guarantee - buy the account - try it for 14 days and if you are not entirely happy let us know and we will issue a full refund!

All for only £20 + VAT per year!

Why not take a free, no obligation trial of this service - just contact us!

Due to our partnership with Get Online and Get Online Broadband - if you use their dialup or broadband access you are entitled to one of our email accounts free of charge.

If you have any questions please contact us.




If you have any questions please contact us!
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